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Understanding tourism

How can travel contribute to achieving UN’s sustainability goals?

I hope that this article first and foremost will inspire you to operate more sustainably, but I also want to give you some new hard-hitting arguments that show why what you do is so important to so many people around the world.

How to understand and create memorable experiences

The entire tourism industry is a series of experiences put into system. If you manage to do this in a great way, the tourists will go back to their home and tell everyone about the amazing vacation they’ve had. They will talk about the people they met, the activities they did and of course the places they visited.

Why all forecasts and scenarios about the travel industry are wrong

During this last month the creation of future scenarios has changed from yearly reports to a continuous flow of creative stories about a new and different post-apocalyptic world of travel. Where do they get their information from? We don’t have any confirmed data yet. We don’t know what will happen in the next year, month or even week. In fact, we don’t even know what is happening in the world right now.

Technology and Tourism – how can we preserve the human aspect in a fast changing world?

Tourism is an industry where transporting of humans and establishing contact between humans are the main things. It is a high-touch-industry with a lot of interaction between people. If you study the customer journey, both digital and analogue, you’ll find contact points everywhere.

At the same time tourism is a high-tech industry. Technology is crucial at all levels of the industry. Without technology, no tourism.

What is the definition of sustainable tourism. What impact do we have?

Sustainable and sustainability have become buzzwords in several sectors the recent years. A lot of people use it, but my guess is that not to many understand it. What is Sustainable tourism and more important: Is it possible?

What is tourism and how can it be a good thing?

Tourism is a source of controversy in many places, it is a source of hope in even more places and it is highly underrated in most of the business world. In this article I want to explain tourism and it’s impact and potential impact.

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