Digital Customer journey

The customer journey usually starts long before their visit to your fantastic concept. There are several stages in this journey and several contact points. This also means several possibilities to impress the client, and to be remembered. We can help you identifying this points, and optimize each step to make this a journey your visitors will love.

Defining a customer journey is helping you understand your clients. The clients is the most important for most travel businesses.

We believe in making things simple, and will help you understand this on your own.


In traditional travel it is common to divide the customer journey into 5 steps. And then divide these steps into many smaller contact points. Below is an example of how it can be.

  1. Dreaming

    1. Magazines, internet, recommendations, TV, Social media, ads

  2. Planning

    1. Research about destinations and providers, reviews, comparison. How do you stand out.

  3. Booking

    1. Metasearch, Airline search, Hotel Search, Activity search, OTA

    2. The client is often modifying trips between stages. Cancel flight, change room, upgrade etc

  4. Experiencing

    1. On site. How do you welcome, how is the food, guides, rooms, narrative etc, How do you send the client home

  5. Sharing

    1. What is the impression of you, what stimulates the client to share this and recommend you to others?

Håvard Utheim