Below are 4 speeches made for 30 - 60 minutes or half-day workshops. We also tailor for you.

1) Confession. The world is going under and it's my fault.

Most companies say they are responsible, but very few show this in their actions. So what can we do? The first thing is to admit that we can be better.

This speech covers the travel business impact and issues around environment and climate. The travel business need to understand the reality and seriousness in this. This is actually a positive and feelgood lecture, aiming to give the audience motivation and new energy to act! You will have plenty of examples, and we want you to leave the room with hope and believe in a great future.

2 ) Digital or dead. Why is technology so dangerous?

Nowadays travel is as good as impossible without technology. Many travel businesses are more afraid of this than they are of hanging in ropes from a mountains. It might sound complicated, but really is simple. Learn how to deal with technology by non-tech people. Face your fear, and learn to love it. We´ll try to make it so safe that your parents would embrace it.

3) Sales suck! Create the party where everyone wants to join.

Learn sales and marketing from a person that really hate selling. Is your worst nightmare is picking up the phone and calling a client? Do you think attending conferences is a waste of time. Are you feeling your sales attempts is bothering people? Perfect. Lets focus on strategies to make the customers come to you.

This lecture is about digital marketing. We focus on how you can stand out from the crowd, get laser focus, and target exactly the clients you want.

4) Stairway to heaven. The art of creating the worlds best customer journey.

There are many contact points between you and the traveler. Which all means opportunities to impress them. Already from the dreaming phase via booking until they are safely home and ready to recommend you. The winners are creating the best journeys for the client.