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A Modern Travel Business is a Media Company


Do you remember the time when tour guides could show up when the passenger boats docked?

You know what I mean. 

Running a travel business is really difficult without digital communication. Very difficult. 

My claim is as follows:

Every single travel agent, tour operator, transportation service, adventure guide out there, where they know it or not, is a media company in addition to the business and niche they specialize in. If they’re not they’re soon out of business. 

We live in a world where companies don’t have to invest in a printed publication, and we don’t need a sales team in order to tell our story and communicate with our clients anymore.

Actually some still prefer printed brochures: believe it or not, but since everybody is able to use the internet with tools like Youtube, Instagram, TikTok or whatever, we don’t need those analogue channels anymore. 

When we use these channels we are publishers. And since we already are media companies, we better start acting like media companies. More and more people are starting to realize this. More and more people take this seriously.

Do you?

The sooner you realize that your business is a media company, the bigger chance you have to succeed in the next decade. 

Now, get to work.

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