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Big picture uncertainty


InPhocus podcast:

A number of folk on the PhocusWire and Phocuswright teams were, this time last year, preparing to head to Berlin for the annual ITB exhibition.

As we all now know, ITB was cancelled with days to spare as the seriousness of the coronavirus pandemic started becoming increasingly clear and infection rates around Europe soared.

ITB director Martin Buck was at the center of that chaotic few days and, one year on, is able to reflect on what it meant for the show and the industry as March 2020 turned the sector on its head.

The 2021 version of the event is next week, virtually, so we catch up with him to discuss 2020 and dive deep into some big issues that emerging as a result of the industry trying to get back on its feet.

He joins us for the return of InPhocus for its 33rd episode, after a break during January and February of this year.    

The latest episode of InPhocus is hosted by PhocusWire’s Kevin May.

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