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Can we make tourism better?


We have an opportunity to reflect on this year’s WTM Responsible Tourism sessions. How do we move forward to make better tourism for travelers and holidaymakers? Can we improve tourism for destinations and the communities who live there? And for businesses in the source markets and destinations? 

For the first time since mass tourism started, international and domestic travel has been perceived as hazardous by governments, local communities and travelers. 

Tourists are now more concerned about sustainability, and the demand for experiential travel grows. COVID-19, climate change, biodiversity loss and racism are all issues in tourism. And the challenge of over-tourism remains, some places more acute than other. This because of the raised awareness of the impacts of tourism that became clear when it ceased. And also there’s the fear of tourists bringing COVID-19 with them.

What principles should lead the way we recover our industry, and make better destinations for people to live in? And what role should governments play?

How do we practically make tourism better?

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