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Dealing with bad reviews


Every travel business will sometimes experience bad reviews.

It’s part of the game, and it can feel unfair and frustrating when it happens.

But before shutting down your business, you need to understand that most of the bad reviews is not necessarily because of you providing a bad service. It sure can be, but more often than not, it isn’t.

When people give a one-star review, they’re saying that this is not for them. That doesn’t mean it is not for anyone else.

It is the personal opinion of one client that for some reason did not like your product or service. 

Clearly this client did not know everything about you and your product before the experience, but their criticism is based on what they actually knew and expected. And, of course, what they prefer and their beliefs. 

If a Manchester United supporter walks into a Liverpool supporter shop, they might not find what they’re looking for. And they probably won’t recommend going there, even though the quality of the equipment is great. 

Their review is just based on a personal taste.

You can sometimes learn from criticism, but in fact most criticism might not help you at all. Ignore criticism that is not helpful, but embrace the criticism that can help you become better. If a steak lover walks in to your vegetarian cafe and asks for a steak, he will be disappointed. But that is not because of you.

It is because of his og her expectations. 

You shouldn’t change the menu because of one client. 

But sometimes you can get negative feedback from people that respect what you do. They actually understand your concept, but their opinion is that you’re doing it wrong. 

That kind of feedback is priceless. Embrace it, listen to it, and adjust to it.

And always remain polite and respectful when talking to your clients.

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