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How Visual Storytelling Creates Connection and Community


The Altruistic Traveller Podcast

How do we evoke emotion through stories? In this week’s episode, Bianca Caruana speaks with visual storyteller and content creator Jonathan H. Lee. They discuss the role storytelling plays to create connection and community. 

Jonathan has spent the last decade using visual documentation and storytelling to inspire collective action. He has helped numerous NGOs, social enterprises and individuals. Common for them is that they are all purpose and impact-driven and they share their heartwarming stories of resilience, innovation and impact. 

Jonathan and Bianca were mutually connected through our association with Conscious Impact, an organization that invites international volunteers of all backgrounds to join their camp in rural Nepal. Here they offer skilled or unskilled labour, financial donations, and compassionate service to local communities.

In the podcast, Jonathan shares his personal journey as a storyteller. He talks about what inspires him and share tips that impactful visionaries can use to tell their own stories.  

Emotion is what connects us. And when we gain the ability to feel and see what another feels and sees, we only draw closer to the realization that we are all one. 

For more information about Jonathan’s work visit https://subtledream.com/

Watch the latest Conscious Impact documentary – https://vimeo.com/consciousimpact/sustainus

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