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The Future of African Travel


Today we will be talking to a well-known figure of our industry about the future of African Travel. Her name is Katja Quasdorf, you might know her as the CEO of the Jenman safaris group but she is also a passionate leader and conservationist. I am petting sure she is going to share valuable insights regarding the crisis our industry is currently facing so please stay tuned and don’t forget to subscribe to the podcast and our YouTube channel!


[0:39] Guest intro

[01:31] Katja’s background and future career plans

[06:46] Jenman Safaris covid19 coping plan and internal procedures

[14:46] Suggestions on how to reopen travel successfully

[18:28] “ whether it’s in terms of recruitment or ability of Africans to travel, do you think out industry is inclusive or conducive enough?”

[21:45] Trends that will impact the future of African travel

[26:36] Katja’s final remarks and tips

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