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The Social media trap


What is your social media hang up?

Right now people are crazy about Clubhouse. Tourism based rooms are frequent, people are calling out for invitations.

Before that it was TikTok, Snap, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and even Myspace for those of you that has been in the game for a while.

Along with social media you’ll have a lot of experts saying you have to build your following. It is a gold mine, and once you get enough followers, the sky is the limit.

The same experts often say that blogging is dead. Or that SEO is dead. Well, it isn’t. Publishing content in your own channels will never go out of style. Because this is content you own. 

It doesn’t belong to Facebook, it doesn’t belong to LinkedIn.

It’s yours.

If you succeed in and get visible on social media, they can shut down or change their algorithms over night.

I am not saying that it isn’t smart to engage with your audience on social media, build partnerships by talking to leaders or potential employees on LinkedIn, or send the marketing departments a PM on Instagram or journalists on Twitter. There are many reasons to stay on social media. 

But don’t put all your eggs in the social basket. 

It is really hard to get attention out there. A few get most of the traffic, and if it’s money involved the difference gets even bigger. Even if you succeed in building your audience, they might leave the platform for the next big thing. 

The statistics show that most big audiences on SoMe don’t get a lot of traffic to the website. The traffic is mainly on social media. 

Unfortunately. There is no magic wand changing it either.

If you have the patience and you publish content on your own platform (website) consistently, you will get results over time. It is worth it. 

But of course, link to it on social media.

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