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Tourism and Biodiversity: Friend or Foe?


Biodiversity is declining faster than at any time in human history. Biodiversity loss is one of two inextricably linked existential crises we are now facing. 

How can we reset tourism’s relationships with nature to contribute positively to conservation post covid-19? How do we contribute more significantly to the local communities? They are the ones that bear the costs of maintaining the wildlife and other species that the tourism industry sells. 

Tourism is also heavily dependent on the ecosystem services provided by nature – food, water and energy. WTFL and WTM Responsible Tourism believe that stewardship is not only about zero impact or mitigating impact. It must also be about making a positive contribution – economic, social and ecological.

This round table discussion will focus on the positive steps the sector can take to make a substantial contribution to the conservation of biodiversity. We shall look at how tourism compares with other industries. What can policymakers, accommodation providers, tour operators and guides do? They need to take responsibility for ensuring that tourism makes a positive contribution to the maintenance of biodiversity.

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