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Tourism and SDG 3 – Good health and well being


Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all ages

According to UNDP more than 400 million people have no basic healthcare and 40% lack social protection. More than 1,6 billion people live in fragile environments where the governments are not able to deliver basic health services. 

How can tourism contribute to improving SDG. 3 – Good health and quality of life?

Revenues for local actors will provide tax revenues generated from tourism. Fees and charges from visitors can be reinvested into healthcare, services and disease prevention. Health is in many ways a matter of political priority, and it requires the will of local authorities. We in tourism can use our consumer power to push for these things to be prioritized. 

If you want to attract more visitors, you need to have a medical infrastructure. This strengthens people’s health and life expectancy. It also protects against epidemics, reduces poverty and the risk of hunger. It creates jobs, causes economic growth and strengthens gender equality.

Tourism can indirectly provide more medical staff financed by the private sector in some areas. And it can provide access to emergency care for locals. One example is how medical staff at Everest Base Camp have assisted the local community. 

Quality and accessible primary health care are the basis for universal health coverage. And we need to do more to improve the quality and safety of healthcare globally. Poor healthcare destroys lives and costs the world unimaginable amounts of money every single year. Primary health care is about caring for people and helping them prevent, instead of just treating a single disease or condition. 

Tourism companies can also contribute with additional support in both health and quality of life. They can do this by making donations to different charities and projects. 

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