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What I used to know, doesn’t matter anymore


It is fascinating how many strategies, systems and theories were made for a world that doesn’t exist anymore. 

The economical systems are based on theories that have been dated for centuries. All focused on endless growth. And tourism have been focusing on endless growth. It’s just not sustainable anymore.

In fact it never was.

Technology changes faster than ever. The world changes. Knowledge is a fresh produce. We need to update. And to keep updated, the world is based on an educational system that doesn’t fit into the modern world. 

This is fascinating. 

I, for one, have lived for 43 years. I’ve been in tourism for 15 years and before that I studied at University for 8 years. Most of the things i have learned, that still matters, I learned in 2020.

What matters is what you learn now. How you adapt to this fast changing world. 

The power lies in understanding what you don’t know. Keeping an open mind is a teachable skill. 

Maybe the most important skill of them all.

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