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What’s the Future for Tourism Research & Education?


The South East Asia Travel Show:

How will tourism research and graduate education adapt and diversify post-COVID? This week, Gary and Hannah discuss the outlook for travel and tourism across South East Asia from an academic perspective. They talk to Prof. Joseph Cheer of the Center for Tourism Research at Wakayama University in Japan, and Dr. Mary Mostafanezhad, Associate Professor at University of Hawaii at Manoa.

The broad-ranging interview discusses how travel may look in the early recovery phases. They talk about the challenges of educating a new generation of tourism professionals in uncertain economic times. And whether the travel and hospitality sectors will continue to engage with universities in future.

They also discuss the expected Chinese outbound and ASEAN intra-regional travel rebounds, low-cost carriers, short- and long-haul flying and travel bubbles.

Plus voluntourism, environmental sustainability and resort over-development, plastic trash and air pollution. It’s a fascinating chat.

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