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Travel Tech Entrepreneurship – Idea to market

This is an accelerator program to kick-start your travel tech venture

What can you expect from the program?

The corona-crisis might be the best opportunity our generation will get to create real change in travel and tourism.

After nearly 70 years of continuously growth the industry has been flipped up side down. Tourism is facing a lot of challenges like over-tourism, economical leakage and environmental issues. The world experience several challenges and issues described with UN’s 17 sustainability goals in agenda 2030. 

On top of that technology is changing the rules in the travel industry from day to day. 

Most people hate change, this can be your opportunity.

History shows there’s nothing better than a good crisis to amplify real innovation. The world is craving for new and better solutions, and need ideas that spread.

Everyone can come up with an idea, but not many make the leap that separate an idea from a business. And that is:

A paying customer.

This describes exactly where we want to take you in this course. How does an idea or an invention become an enduring innovation and a flourishing business? 

The first clients makes the difference, from there you’ll begin growing a target group of customers and the snowball starts rolling. Of course entrepreneurship is a creative process, it’s fun, but to make it work you need a systematical approach.

In this four week program we want you to learn and apply this combination of creativity and discipline.

You will explore how travel tech entrepreneurs develop and match promising technology with real customer needs to launch a successful new business.

In addition to get stories and advice from leading industry experts and entrepreneurs, you’ll get real life examples with real technologies that help you develop, refine, and select your own business ideas.

The first group starts in October. Are you ready?


Welcome! Practical information, description of learning goals and case studies for inspiration.

In this chapter you will learn to understand travel and tourism.

  • The issues and potential in tourism
  • How is the tourism system built
  • How sustainabilty in tourism works
  • The role of technology in tourism
  • What are the trends in the industry
  • Strategies to identify new markets

In this chapter we will discuss different approaches to innovation

  • What is innovation
  • Approaches to innovation
  • Design Thinking
  • A framework for problem solving
  • Perspective and heuristics
  • Case studies

In this chapter you will learn

  • Where does ideas come from?
  • Working with ideas
  • The illusion of creativity block
  • The difference between a need and a want
  • The value and process of functional analysis
  • To create possible scenarios

In this chapter we will explore market segmentation. You will learn

  • The importance of segmentation
  • To pick a beach head market
  • To create an end user profile
  • To define the Total Adressable Market. (TAM)
  • To develop a customer persona

In this chapter we will dig deeper into product development and design.

  • Experience design
  • Analysis of product life age
  • Design of product spesification
  • Quanitified value proposition
  • Identify your competitive position
  • Developing your company’s secret sauce

In this chapter we will discuss 

  • Define commercialization opportunities
  • Choose and design a business model
  • Generate an operating model
  • Determine readiness
  • Determine market fit through systematic feedback
  • Go to market strategy
  • Develop a pricing framework
  • Mapping the sales process
  • Measuring the cost of customer aquisition
  • Estimating the life time value of your customer.

You need to understand that money is a tool. In this final chapter we’ll discuss

  • Pursuing a path to the market
  • Understand the sources of capital
  • Understand the stages of investment
  • Aligning investments with development
  • Investor profiling
  • Simple steps to create a pitch deck (with template)
  • Elevator pitch – crafting a one liner
  • Understand the decision making unit
  • Navigate the decision making process

Thanks for now. You get additional resources and tools to help you.

The program will launch in October, but you can apply today

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